This is Hive Radio, we go live on air at 10am this morning for the first time. You can listen here:

Click radio icon to listen  HiveRadio_squarelogowithtext_cmykcolour


2 thoughts on “WE ARE ABOUT TO LAUNCH!!

  1. hello, missed the live broadcast yesterday, sorry. Are you still broadcasting ? Clicking the link now (nearly midday 10/12) doesnt seem to connect to anything, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to listen to yesterday’s broadcast ?

    1. Hey Chaz, we were live yesterday 10am-4pm, it was a chance for us all to get hands-on behind the desk – it was brill! Everyone was a bit shakey at first, though as the day went on we relaxed into it, now we can’t wait to make our next broadcast – 6 volunteers co-presented at least an hour of air-time, and no-one’s scared of the radio desk anymore! 133 listeners tuned in, and quite a few guests joined us during the day – panto dame and jester, a harmonics group, a spinning and felting group, local soup kitchen & food bank, young singer-songwriter etc. (posts and podcast from all of these over the next week). If felt a good start, and it felt like community radio.

      We didn’t get to play all of the pre-recorded features as planned, so we’ve got a big bank of features to podcast from tomorrow listeners can hear a new feature every day, including the feature with yourself, Juli WAtson & Mark Tindell chatting about your writing and reading pieces Listen to the Poets Podcast Wednesday 12th.

      Meanwhile, you can still hear the teaser

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