Hive Radio on film

Here’s a great film of some of our launch day moments by John Lawson Hive Radio volunteer.
<a href="

” title=”Hive Radio goes LIVE“>


2 thoughts on “Hive Radio on film

  1. I took part in the first broadcast, I learnt new skills, and when put on air I was completely out of my comfort zone. When it was over I realised quite how much I had enjoyed it and just how much of a buzz it gave me. If you are interested we are looking for more volunteers. Please contact Hive radio or Bede’sworld.

  2. Thanks Diane! What made last Sunday brilliant was the volunteers like yourself who got involved.

    Like Diane says, Hive radio is a community radio, we’re open to everyone who wants to get involved, and we’re looking for volunteer radio-makers – people of all ages and abilities are welcome.

    Maybe you have a story to tell, a passion to share or a talent for chat? Maybe you want to have fun trying something new, or maybe you’re a writer or budding journalist, or you want to share your love of sport or music? We can help! No experience necessary – we’ll give you all the training and support you need to get started and if you want to, to host your own show on-air.

    If you run a community or social group we’d love you to get in touch and spend some time making a programme about what matters to you.

    You can help – tell people you know we’re looking for presenters, producers, technicians and anyone who want to be involved. Contact us on

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