Chirstmas Lunch at Epinay

Gemma & Carrie, Bede's World Apprentices

We were invited to Epinay Cafe for Christmas Lunch.

This gave us a chance to meet some of the staff that we could be working with in the future.

We had a lovely 3 course meal on behalf of Epinay, the children were very engaging and give a fantastic service, topping up our drinks to cleaning up our empty plates, the chidlren were very polite and presented themselves well to the public.

We made the most of our time, as we had a lot of fun pulling our crackers and taking all the gifts back to Bedes World.

Here are some of our Christmas cracker jokes:

What kind of cough medicine does dracula take?   Coffin medicine

What do you call a man with a spade on his head?   Doug

Why did the mechanic sleep under the car?     He wanted to get up oily in the morning

What do you call a crate of ducks?    A box of crackers

this joke below is our favourite joke of all!!!!

What animal needs oiling?   Mice, because they squeak

Have a fantastic Christmas

from Carrie and Jemma

(Bedes World Apprentices)


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