The mood in the hive . . .


Coming back to life as spring warms us up! We’ve been off air for a few weeks, but we are back this Saturday with another volunteer presenter training day, and live on Sunday with 3 new presenters covering in future weeks operatic metal, the history of British funk and the Jazz scene in South Tyneside in the 1960s . . . Meantime some hopes to share with you:

We’ve been working together as Bede’s World staff to think about how this radio work can connect right to the heart of how the whole museum works with collections and how we tell Bede’s story. Today we’ve been to London for project presentation to a funder. If sucessful we will have support to test how simple digital technologies like online radio might change the ways we research and share  exhibitions and archives. We’ve really enjoyed getting set for the interview with our partners DigiEnable & Tom Wakeford, who we hope we’ll all see more of – fingers crossed!

Some of us are getting to grips with the new editing software . . . a few cassettes from the 1970s and earlier have come our way, including recordings by Lily Rose and her work as a domestic, recorded memories of an official of the British Raj and some Geordie songs recorded in a local pub in the 1970s  We have learned how to convert these to mp3, and can’t wait to air the results. We would like to someday soon to have a cassette amnesty and see what we can create in 24 hours from your re-found sounds . . . so look out for those forgotton recodings in the garage & tucked away cupboards

The very hardworking Mr. Mark Gibson will be joing us to develop artists studio spaces here at Bede’s World – staff are currently clearing the space, more about this tomorrow . . .


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