Sunday 19th May 11am-3pm, Hive Radio is on-air

This is Hive Radio, we are live on air at 10am  this morning until 3pm. Our recent new voices are getting into their grooves!


11:00–12:00, Welcome to Keith’s Place Keith Hemmer – first in a 2-pat series on Old Geordie Songs

12:00–1:00, The Living History Show – John Sadler introduces us to the wild & wonderful world living history enthusiasts and re-enactors, many of who you will see around Bede’s World at special events.

1:00–2:00, Jazz Ladies – Val with music from music Diva’s, including Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and Lena Horn

2:00–3:00, Afternoon Funk and Jazz Joe  & Les with a chat and music from their collection of Funk and Jazz

You can listen here:

Click radio icon to listen HiveRadio_squarelogowithtext_cmykcolour


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