Foghorn Requiem Preview Video

Souter Seascapes and Soundscapes (HD) video by Karen Atkinson

Video link:
Hive Radio Live Broadcast of Foghorn Requiem 22nd June 12.30pm
To tune in to the live broadcast on Saturday visit or and click on the radio icon

This Saturday June 22nd our very own Souter foghorn will breathe again in a one-off unique celebration using digital technology in a project called Foghorn Requiem, created by artists Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena. A flotilla of vessels and their horns will join Souter’s mighty foghorn in performing a musical score, written by composer Orlando Gough, and accompanied by 3 brass bands on the cliff-tops.
This week I was treated to a glorious solo honk by the foghorn, and the sound was just as thrilling to hear now as it was when I was a child. Today I interviewed Nick Dolan, National Trust Property Manager of Souter Lighthouse and the Leas, who explains what the performance and its legacy mean to him and the local community.
Whitburn coast and Souter Lighthouse and the foghorn have long provided the inspiration for my photography in all weathers, including fog, and you can see some of those shots in this clip. Hope to see some of you there on Saturday when Hive Radio along with will be broadcasting live from Souter.

Video link:

For more information visit

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