Learning – New perspective to Hive Radio.

Learning – New perspective to Hive Radio.

I have started to study for an MA in Radio Production and Management, which I hope will support the work we are doing at Hive Radio. I will be up-dating this blog as I progress through the course.

Not only have I been studying and thinking more than I have done for a long while, I have been able to attend the Radio Academy Festival, seeing some of the great and good of the radio industry was inspiring. Jeremy Vine sitting in front of me while watching Richard Bacon host his show live on Radio 5Live was one of many highlights.  Charlotte Church was eloquent giving the John Peel lecture, her feelings on how young women are portrayed in the music industry was thought provoking.

I have also been able to volunteer for Radio 3 at the Free Thinking Festival at the Sage in Gateshead, getting to see some of the behind the scenes work. I was one of the people that passed the microphone around for the audience to take part in discussions and debates. This meant I was able to sit in on some very interesting events.

As for the studying, I have a better understand of how all sounds are important, have a meaning and can influence the telling of a story.

I am finding out what is needed to propose ideas for shows to the commissioning editors of mainstream radio, and if any of my ideas are deemed good enough there are opportunities to put them forward and have them commissioned.

I am also able to use software for radio play-out and editing that is much more involved than I have used before it will help me improve the production work I do and give me the knowledge I need to pass on to our fantastic volunteers and help us improve what we are doing on Hive Radio.

Oh well time I did some work on my proposed program idea, I will keep you up to date on how I get on – hope I don’t get too many rejections!




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