Podcasts: murder, “little shit” and the tipping point (?)

We love this post – wouldn’t it be great if more makers opened up the format and if that open form was more normal for radio stations like our that are online sometimes . . . when it suits the makers . . . calling art radio makers, come and experiment in sound & story with us!

Geoff McQueen

All of a sudden people are talking about podcasts. It’s only taken ten years but we’re now in a time where podcasts are being discussed openly on mainstream media and THE hot series of the moment is not a cool Netflix original TY production or some edgy Channel 4 thing but a podcast.

Serial podcast

The podcast that has grabbed the world’s attention is Serial. It’s one woman’s investigation into a fifteen year old murder case. It’s enthralling. And fascinating. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, each episode is currently being downloaded 1.26 million times.

That’s a lot.

I’ve been closely following the world of podcasts for (at least) the last seven years and there has never been a show that people have gone crazy for like this one. Martha Lane Fox told the delegates at the (possibly last ever) Radio Festival that she was hooked. Helen Zaltzman was…

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