100 years ago on 17 December 1915 there was a rail accident near to St. Bede’s Junction in Jarrow,  3 trains collided, 17 people were killed and 81 injured.

Rule 55 is an Audio Drama is based on a factual incident. Find out what happened to ordinary people whose lives were torn apart in December 1915.   The story addresses themes such as the effects of war, women’s rights and being true to oneself.  Original music and artwork has been specially written and designed by local musician Ben Hudson of folk group LOWP and local artist Stephen Pratt.

It is written by Lilly Moon and Lorna Windham,  performed by volunteers from the local community  and will be broadcast on Friday, December 11th at 7 p.m

The Audio Drama will be repeated throughout the day on the anniversary of the crash Thursday, December 17th when you will also be able to hear interviews with an historical researcher, descendants, musician, artists and actors.RULE 55 logo


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