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100 years ago on 17 December 1915 there was a rail accident near to St. Bede’s Junction in Jarrow,  3 trains collided, 17 people were killed and 81 injured.

Rule 55 is an Audio Drama is based on a factual incident. Find out what happened to ordinary people whose lives were torn apart in December 1915.   The story addresses themes such as the effects of war, women’s rights and being true to oneself.  Original music and artwork has been specially written and designed by local musician Ben Hudson of folk group LOWP and local artist Stephen Pratt.

It is written by Lilly Moon and Lorna Windham,  performed by volunteers from the local community  and will be broadcast on Friday, December 11th at 7 p.m

The Audio Drama will be repeated throughout the day on the anniversary of the crash Thursday, December 17th when you will also be able to hear interviews with an historical researcher, descendants, musician, artists and actors.RULE 55 logo


Band Of Holy Joy | Quaterlight | Housefrau


Two very cool gigs coming up this week. I will be opening for The Band of Holy Joy on 12th December at Bedes World and on 13th at Westgarth Social Club. I’m going to dust down some back catalogue and some new stuff.   The Quaterlight CD, with 5 instrumental pieces, will only be available at  gigs arrived on Friday and looks and sounds cool.  With luck the Soul on Ice cd should be ready for the gigs. This cd is a compilation of unreleased material from 1982, all transferred from tape and remastered.image


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Podcasts: murder, “little shit” and the tipping point (?)

We love this post – wouldn’t it be great if more makers opened up the format and if that open form was more normal for radio stations like our that are online sometimes . . . when it suits the makers . . . calling art radio makers, come and experiment in sound & story with us!

Geoff McQueen

All of a sudden people are talking about podcasts. It’s only taken ten years but we’re now in a time where podcasts are being discussed openly on mainstream media and THE hot series of the moment is not a cool Netflix original TY production or some edgy Channel 4 thing but a podcast.

Serial podcast

The podcast that has grabbed the world’s attention is Serial. It’s one woman’s investigation into a fifteen year old murder case. It’s enthralling. And fascinating. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, each episode is currently being downloaded 1.26 million times.

That’s a lot.

I’ve been closely following the world of podcasts for (at least) the last seven years and there has never been a show that people have gone crazy for like this one. Martha Lane Fox told the delegates at the (possibly last ever) Radio Festival that she was hooked. Helen Zaltzman was…

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New To Hive this week

Thursday 17:00-18:00 Home Cooking
Spoken word whipped up at our kitchen tables! This series of commissioned podcasts from Apples and Snakes, England’s leading organisation for performance poetry, features the diverse talents and interests of poets from all over the country. Archived shows can be found on
Episode Title: Never Mind the Fullstops                                      NeverMindTheFullStops
Poetry goes pop in this comedy panel show! Spoken word meets Buzzcocks as two teams compete with couplets and score with sonnets to see who will make victory from their verse. Join Team Captains Paula Varjack and Superbard, your host Dan Simpson, and special guests Amy McAllister, Emma Jones, Sam Berkson, and Gary from Leeds as they smash apart new and old poetry in ridiculous and silly games. Playing with words has never been this fun!
Audio Editor: George Lewkowicz (AKA Superbard)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 hclogo no textApples&Snakes_Logo_RGB200

Radio Schedule 27 & 28 September 2014

8:00-10:00              The Records Bureau with Graeme Fenwick (R) – One of Grame’s first                                                 broadcasts at Hive
10:00-11:00            Folk Show with Ben Hudson
11:00-12:00            Sausages With Chris Trew

10 :00-12:00            Keith’s Place
12:00-14:00             Les & Joe Jazz, Funk and Soul Show(R)
14:00-16:00             Another Music in a Different Kitchen with Trevor Johnson from Thusday                                        25 September 2014(R)
16:00-17:00             Sausages with Chris Trew (R)

Banners of the North

British Museum blog

relevant image alt textKathy Cremin, Director of Co-operation, Bede’s World

Banners of the North at Bede’s World (19 July – 28 September 2014) is the finale of three exhibitions in our treasures programme. This programme explores our local, national and international place in the world and is inspired by Bede and the monastery in Jarrow where treasure came from all over the world, where the community of monks and others were trying to make sense of the world, and capture the heart of those conversations and thoughts. In this spirit, Banners of the North was to be a celebration of our northernness, and we decided at the beginning to use these wonderful loans from the British Museum to create chatter about what it means to be northern to different people. We believe museums work best when they are a social space where people come together and have conversations.

We were also proud to…

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Radio Schedule – from 26 July 2014

Saturday 26 July

8am – 10am           The Records Bureau with Graeme Fenwick(R)

10am – 11am         Folk Show with Ben Hudson(R)

11am – noon         Sausages With Chris Trew

Sunday 27 July

9am – 10am             The Off Beat Show with India

10 am – noon          Keith’s Place

12 noon –  2pm       Les & Joe Jazz, Funk and Soul Show

2pm  –  4pm            The Records Bureau (R)

4pm  –  5pm            Sausages with Chris Trew (R)

5pm  –  6:30pm      Roots of the World Show July 2014

Thursday  31 July

5:30pm -7pm         Les & Joe Jazz, Funk and Soul Show(R)

7pm – 9pm              Another Music in a Different Kitchen – with Trevor Johnson


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Hive Radio Schedule and Live Lounge

Thursday  15 May

5pm -7pm     Les & Joe Jazz, Funk and Soul Show(repeat)
7pm – 9pm    Another Music in a Different Kitchen – with Trevor Johnson

Friday  16 May

7:30pm     Hive Live Lounge – featuring George Welch & Christine Jeans, LOWP,                                               Cath & Phil Tyler, Malcolm Bushby and Leo Connolly

Saturday 17 May

8am – 10am    The Records Bureau with Guest Presenters Jen Stevens and Tony Pottinger
10am – 11am  Folk Show with Ben Hudson(repeat)
11am – noon   Sausages With Chris Trew

Sunday 18 May

10 am – noon         Keith’s Place
noon –  2pm           Les & Joe Jazz, Funk and Soul Show
2pm  –  4pm           The Records Bureau (repeat)
4pm  –  5pm           Sausages with Chris Trew (repeat)
5pm  –  6:30pm     Newcastle Roots Music Radio(repeat)


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If you would like to listen to Hive Radio when we are not on air  you can listen to our Podcasts on Mixcloud