Hive Team

Ben Hudson

Ben Hudson presents the Folk Programme on Hive Radio. It is broadcast live on Saturday between 10.00 and 11.00 am and then repeated the following week. He tries to play the music that he listens to himself. This sounds a little self-indulgent but it’s his programme! He is hoping that the music he plays will have the same effect on listeners that it has on him. It has always inspired him and influenced him as a musician. He plays quite an eclectic mix as he not only enjoys traditional music from around the world, but also cross-over music where different genres are mixed together.  Apart from folk music he also listens to a lot of electronic; American acoustic music and punk and post punk; however he will save these for another show.

His influences as he grew up were the usual rock and progressive rock bands of the 60s and 70s. In his teens the most amazing and exciting concert he went to featured Genesis, Audience and Van Der Graaf Generator. However in 1975 he saw the Bothy Band in Newcastle and his whole musical life changed. He has been a huge fan of Irish and Scottish traditional music ever since (although he still loves Peter Gabriel era Genesis).

Ben Hudson – The Folk Show

Chris Trew

 Chris Trew is a fifty-something music obsessive who also promotes live music in Newcastle under the name of “Prancey Dog”.  Lacking any musical ability of his own, he is happy to live his dreams through the talent of others!

Chris’s first record was “I’m The Urban Spaceman” by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, a song that he loves as much now as he did as a five year old.

Chris is a huge fan of The Fall, Tom Waits, Melt-Banana and Nick Cave, but tends to invest most of his time and money in new music.  Presenting “Sausages” on Hive Radio allows him to inflict his wide-ranging and fickle tastes on an unsuspecting public.

Hive Photo
Chris Trew – Sausages

James Petherick

James Petherick is fifteen years old and studying geography, history and French at school. That is his passion as well as music, he plays the saxophone to Grade Seven standard and sings at grade six. He first became involved with Hive back in June and has now launched a weekly sports show Sporting Weekly, which goes out on a Saturday afternoon at four o’clock, lasts an hour and features exclusive interviews with some of the North-East’s top sports people, live guests who are subjected to a quiz and music. James also goes to see all levels of North East sports teams and provides goal updates from the premier league and the football league and he teams up with several local sports teams to bring exclusive in-game updates over the phone.


Ayako Tani

After gaining her first degree in Liberal Arts from International Christian University, Tokyo, Tani was introduced to glass through weekend courses at Tokyo Glass Art Institute. In 2006, she moved to the UK to continue her study of glass art at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland. In recent years, her research has investigated line forms in glass sculpture and she was awarded a PhD for her research “Multi-dimensional line-drawing with glass through a development of lampworking” in 2014.

She exhibits and demonstrates her techniques actively and internationally. Recent major exhibitions include the British Glass Biennale (Ruskin Glass Centre, 2008, 2010 & 2012), 50 Years of Studio Glass from Great Britain (European Museum of Modern Glass, 2011), and Wordsworth and Bashō: Walking Poets (Wordsworth Trust, 2014). One of her signature works, “Childhood” (2008), has been collected by the Broadfield House Glass Museum.

Ayako Tani

Trevor Johnson

Another Music In A Different Kitchen is centred around the genre of punk rock, focusing on alternative music that was born out of and inspired by the 1970s punk rock scene. Much of the music broadcast on the show, as Trevor puts it, “was eventually squeezed into genres such as goth or industrial, but a considerable amount unable to be defined as anything other than post-punk”.

Each show’s playlist is carefully devised by Trevor Johnson to highlight the diversity of the genre’s sound, bringing tracks together that may not on paper, but ultimately work to compliment each other, as well as to highlight the innovation that the genre brought to music;

Although most shows are a two-hour mixture of music, guests also occasionally appear on Another Music In A Different Kitchen, and usually have an association with the bustling North East punk rock and alternative scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Ultimately, Another Music In A Different Kitchen scratches beneath the surface of an era in music that is often skimmed over and simplified by modern commentators and magazines, whose historical account often ignores the smaller, yet crucial pieces of the jigsaw that the show highlights and gives exposure to in the 21st Century.

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