Trevor Johnson

Another Music In A Different Kitchen is centred around the genre of punk rock, focusing on alternative music that was born out of and inspired by the 1970s punk rock scene. Much of the music broadcast on the show, as Trevor puts it, “was eventually squeezed into genres such as goth or industrial, but a considerable amount unable to be defined as anything other than post-punk”.

Each show’s playlist is carefully devised by Trevor Johnson to highlight the diversity of the genre’s sound, bringing tracks together that may not on paper, but ultimately work to compliment each other, as well as to highlight the innovation that the genre brought to music;

Although most shows are a two-hour mixture of music, guests also occasionally appear on Another Music In A Different Kitchen, and usually have an association with the bustling North East punk rock and alternative scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Ultimately, Another Music In A Different Kitchen scratches beneath the surface of an era in music that is often skimmed over and simplified by modern commentators and magazines, whose historical account often ignores the smaller, yet crucial pieces of the jigsaw that the show highlights and gives exposure to in the 21st Century.


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