Keith Hemmer

Keith’s Place.

Keith’s story began many, many years ago in 1962. Born of Geordie stock with just a hint of Germanic ancestry, in the historic town of Jarrow.

He did the usual growing up stuff, school, work, and more work. After many years he found himself out of work and at a loose end. So he became a volunteer at Bede’s World. After a six month period Hive Radio emerged out of Bede’s world and he expressed an interest in doing something with hive, along side his voluntary work with education. Now it’s coming up to two years with Hive, and he has established a regular  Sunday morning live show.

His music is varied but with a lean towards classic rock, of the 70s period onwards. He tries to include a long song from a prog rock band, coz he loves prog.

Tune in on Sundays to hear what he likes to call music, you won’t be disappointed.keith


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