Lost World Radio, Is based it very much on the cassette material collected. This piece has been produced by Geoff Sample, who  “imagined a castaway trying to communicate by radio and tuning in to a past era of Tyne and Wear home life via these snatches” The first burst of Morse code says ‘Bede’s World’. The intermittent bleep is the Coquet Island foghorn.



The End of Empire has been produced by Gary Chaplin who said “It is intended to evoke the atmosphere of post-colonial collapse and the affect that had on ordinary men and women caught up in the aftermath. It has some resonance to world conflict today”



Cassette Tape, Landscape, Soundscape has been produced and inspired using cassettes brought in to Hive Radio as part of their cassette amnesty. All sounds are taken from the recordings, and a digital story montage created to show radio and music has a worldwide reach but is intrinsically linked to your own personality and locality. Produced by Lily Moon.

All pieces have been produced as part of the Community Media Association Modulate 2014 project.

Arts-Council-logocmalogo44mmURLLogo5Black copy 2STC logo_LHlarge

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